Where To Learn the Basics of Real Estate Investing

Where To Learn the Basics of Real Estate Investing
Where To Learn the Basics of Real Estate Investing

It seems like every wealthy person in the world invests in real estate. That can’t be a coincidence, right? 

It isn’t. 

Real estate, for all of its volatility in recent memory, remains one of the most valuable investment opportunities that you can find. 

There are countless ways to approach real estate investments, and across those options, many people find a way to make good money. The simple fact is that everyone should include at least some real estate in their investment portfolio. 

If you’re looking to break into this market, you already know that you’ll have to do some learning. 

Where can you learn the basics of real estate investing? 

  • YouTube. There are tons of great videos from experts.
  • Real estate investors. Ask real professionals.
  • Investment groups. Join communities like Investopedia.
  • Your investment advisor. Ask your advisor.
  • Formal courses. Take a paid online course.

YouTube: Learn Real Estate Investment from Video Content

Some would say that YouTube knows everything and can teach you anything, and there’s a bit of truth to that sentiment. There are countless professional investors and advisors on YouTube, and they can teach you a ton about real estate investment.

In fact, this is probably the easiest and most accessible way to start learning the basics of real estate investment. You’ll cover how it works and why so many people do it. 

The drawback to learning from YouTube is that it is informal education, and there’s no guiding path to ensure that you learn everything you need. 

Watching YouTube videos alone won’t prepare you to make smart investments, but it is a great way to become familiar with the broader concepts before you get serious with your investments. It also works great to supplement any ideas you might run into but not understand very well. If you’re looking for a great place to start on YouTube, Graham Stephan is your best bet.

Real Estate Investors: Ask the Experts

The best way to learn about a subject is to talk to people who work on it for a living. There’s a very good chance that you know people who invest in real estate. 

Ask them about it. They’ll teach you a ton. 

When you do this, you won’t just learn a few concepts of investing. You’ll get access to firsthand knowledge and insight into the experience of investing. You’ll get better expectations of what it feels like to be an investor and how the processes really go.

Investment Groups: Network and Learn From Others

There are countless investment groups that aim to gather and/or educate new potential investors. Investopedia is a great example. 

They have tons of educational content, and you can find in-depth explanations of all kinds of real estate concepts. Investment groups like this are a great resource for feeling out investing trends and shoring up any knowledge gaps you run into along the way. 

Bookmark them and keep them handy. You’ll go back to these groups time and again while you’re getting started as an investor.

Your Investment Advisor: Ask About Diversifying Your Portfolio with Real Estate Investing

Hopefully, you have an investment advisor. You have someone who is helping you to professionally build your portfolio. These experts are important because they understand the nuances of investing, and they can help you navigate some of the trickier decisions that you’ll face.

Your advisor can help you break into real estate as another part of your portfolio. With their expertise, they can help you leverage tax advantages most effectively. They can provide professional risk assessments. They can also help you define and meet investment targets and goals. 

One of the most important aspects of real estate investing is setting reasonable ROIs. Your investment advisor can help you do that.

Formal Courses: Take A Class in the Basics of Real Estate Investing

Lastly, you can learn the basics of real estate investing by enrolling in formal courses. As long as the courses are accredited or part of a legitimate certification, you can trust the information to be reliable. 

More importantly, formal courses tend to be the most thorough way to approach a subject. Certification courses are designed to prepare people for real-world applications of the knowledge they teach. 

In real estate investing, this means that your courses will take you through all of the important processes tied to these investments. 

You’ll learn about appreciation and depreciation, cash flow, cap rates, and all of the rest, including specifics like how to buy a pre-foreclosure house, or which CRM software you should use. You’ll have to understand the concepts in order to complete the course.

Real estate is a large topic, and you’ll find a wide range of courses. Anything certified for real estate licensing in your state will give you valuable information. If that doesn’t sound efficient, you’ll find a list of some of the most acclaimed real estate courses here.

The drawback is that formal courses can be expensive. Will they teach you enough to pay for themselves in the long run? That’s hard to say. But, they are a valuable resource, and they are just as viable as everything else on the list.

These resources can help you learn the basics of real estate investing, but eventually, you need to develop your own experience by getting in the game. 

Learn the Basics of Real Estate Investing with Investor Nitro

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