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There’s much more to your web presence than just your website. Your presence includes a vast network of listings that describe your business, boost your domain authority, and point potential customers your direction.

These listings are where you get reviews, and good reviews are essential for your real estate investor website.

It can be hard to get people to leave you reviews

— especially positive reviews.

Customer Review Satisfaction

If you want to gain as many positive reviews as possible (and as few negative ones as possible), the team at Investor Nitro can help. Using our knowledge, resources, and software, we can provide you with proper review management, help you generate reviews, and manage your reputation across the web. So whether you have zero reviews, mostly negative reviews, or several positive reviews, we can help you manage and improve your online image. Contact the team at Investor Nitro if you’re ready to start generating optimized reviews.

What Does Review Management Entail?

Review management consists of several elements. First of all, you need listings on sites such as Yelp or Google where people can actually leave reviews. Each of those listings should have your correct NAP (name, address, phone number), have a correct description of your business, and be claimed by your business. Furthermore, you shouldn’t have any duplicate listings on any of those sites. 

Of course, you also need reviews on those listings and you want those reviews to be positive. At the very least, you need to be aware of what reviews you have and where. Other elements of review management may include check-ins that show where you are buying property, along with other methods of verifying your geolocation to show that you’re an active business.

Fortunately, much of this can be managed using review management software for real estate investors.

94% of people say an online review has convinced them to avoid a business. Get started with review management services by contacting us today!

How Does Review Generation for Real Estate Investors Work?

Review Purple Mountain

Our client success agents can set up your real estate investor business with an easy-to-use review generation tool, which allows you to gain valuable feedback from property sellers.

The best part is the ease of requesting a review from clients via text and email from your mobile phone. Our review generation tool also includes an additional item that could serve as another avenue for lead generation. We’ll create a webpage with all of your business’ reviews in one spot — a place where potential leads will build trust in you before considering your offer to buy their home. The call to action button we include on this highly-valuable web page brings leads to your offer just when they are on the verge of making a decision.

Think of our review generation tool as a way to gather positive reviews as well as handle negative reviews right from your phone, and includes a bonus listing with domain authority that could rank in days to weeks from getting started.

REI Reputation Management

Another benefit of our review management tools is finding and responding to negative reviews across the web. It’s a sad truth, but many people would rather leave a negative review than a positive one. If someone has left an unjust review for your business, we can help you find it and protest it with the hopes of getting it removed. Even if it can’t be removed, it’s important to leave a response for future potential customers to see.

We can help you write an expertly-crafted response that will address the customer’s concerns and help diffuse the situation. This is an important part of reputation management that can help prevent a negative review from ruining your business. With the help of the experts at Investor Nitro, your business will have as clean an image as possible across the web.

Additional Benefits of Our Review Management Tools

Your business can also opt in to the other lead generation features of our tool, such as a friendly web chat widget for your website. A peculiar lead behavior happens with visitors to our own website: it seems that some of them would rather talk to the chat bubble than submit a web form and patiently monitor their inboxes for a response. Our web chat widget can operate as a live chat with multiple operators (if desired) or a chatbot with set responses — whichever works better for your business.

This advanced lead generation version of our tool also includes a mass texting option. Your business could send up to 200 messages a day, and the text can include whatever message you want. With 97% open rates, SMS marketing will likely grow as an effective lead generation avenue in the coming years.

If your real estate investor business needs optimized listings and positive reviews, contact Investor Nitro today. We can properly set up reputation management software for your business, monitor your reviews, and make sure that all of your listings are optimized across the web.

Reach out today to speak to one of our real estate investor web marketing specialists.

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