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How can Google Ads Help with Lead Generation?

A Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy, often called Pay Per Click (PPC), gives real estate investors the opportunity to drive a significant amount of traffic from the first page of search engines such as Google or Bing.


When it comes to an online presence, being seen in the top search results is a powerful starting place to find high-quality leads that are ready to learn more. Search engine spots are not only powerful for your business to be in, but they’re also quick to acquire with a paid campaign. PPC ads are one of the fastest digital lead generation strategies because of how quickly a campaign can go live.

Over the past few years, Google has increased the number of ads that list before the organic results.

In the world of quick convenience, that means your business could be spotted first in one of those ad spaces.

Paid ad strategies are your tool to bring in leads as consistently as terms like ‘sell my house’ are being searched by homeowners. It doesn’t take months to see traction on your lead generation as with more long-term lead generation strategies.

Real estate investor ppc campaign ads

Still not convinced that SEM is a worthwhile lead generation investment? If you do a search right now for ‘sell my house fast’ you will probably find your competitors. Those ad spots are valuable hooks in the water when it comes to finding digital leads.

Of course, no business wants to lag behind its competition so it’s time to step up your strategy with Google Ads. Begin your paid ad strategy for real estate investors through the help of a reliable real estate PPC management company like Investor Nitro. By leveraging PPC for realtors, you can generate more PPC real estate leads.

How Paid Ads Bring You Business:

PPC services for those in the real estate business is a must. This is how a good PPC strategy can help:

  • Increasing your visibility on major search engines right away
  • Driving motivated traffic to your lead-converting website as soon as the ad is live
  • Positioning your business as a credible solution to your audience before they see your competitors
  • Provides valuable keyword data to implement on your website’s SEO
  • Expanding your market reach for potential customers
  • Creating brand awareness so you can become a top-of-mind real estate investor for those who came across your ad campaigns
  • A PPC strategy is cost-effective as you only have to pay for ads that bring actual visitors to your website

Do you know your ideal client?

Do you know your ideal client from their perspective, and could pinpoint their top reasons for considering a cash option for their home?

SEM lead generation’s power can be seen after a campaign is built with the proper keywords. Knowing who your target audience is and what problem they are intending to solve with their search is what PPC campaigns are all about.

With the right PPC real estate company on your side to help you devise effective PPC campaigns for your business, you can deploy enticing ads that address the concerns of your prospects to prompt them to engage and visit your website.

Investor Nitro has a team of SEM professionals in the real estate world who know exactly how to attract the ideal client for your real estate business through ad campaigns. You can trust that we will run ad campaigns that are informative, eye-catching, and appealing all at the same time to drive your target audience into knowing more about your business through your website.

Are your Current PPC ads producing results?
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We’ll find the inefficiencies in your current PPC campaigns and improve ROI.
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PPC Management for Real Estate Investors

Platforms like Google make it seem like running ads in their search engines is a piece of cake, but by the end of the month, it may seem as if you are throwing money into the campaign for unimpressive results.

Have you ever set up a PPC campaign for motivated sellers yourself?

PPC Real Estate Investor AdsIf you’ve spent time learning how to set up and optimize a Pay-Per-Click campaign for motivated sellers, you probably already know that search engines are constantly updating in order to better serve search results. If you don’t have a constant eye on your campaign results, the ROI may suffer. Spending your time to constantly track and test a real estate investor PPC campaign can take away from your ability to complete other important tasks for your business.

Leave your real estate investor PPC strategies in the hands of PPC experts like Investor Nitro instead. We can save you valuable time to spend on other value-adding aspects of your business while we do what we do best—generate leads for your business through top-notch PPC campaigns for real estate.

To Run a Successful PPC Ad, You Will Need:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Compelling Ad Copy
  • Search Engine Algorithm Knowledge


We can offer you all these and more to ensure that every dollar you spend on your PPC campaigns is a dollar well-spent.

Our Expertise in Real Estate Investor PPC

Do you need to leverage a company to grow your business? Maybe, maybe not. That depends on the amount of time in your day, your ability to delegate, as well as trusting an outside team with your business’ results. You’d expect this outside team to properly set up and organize the PPC campaign for your real estate investor business that generates results.

At Investor Nitro, our team has a proven track record of success with our clients when it comes to pay-per-click advertising for real estate investors. We have been in the real estate PPC business for many years, so we have the experience and expertise to deliver what you need to stay ahead of the competition. We don’t just rely on our existing skill set either, we constantly innovate our strategies to keep up with the latest trends in PPC campaigns for real estate and ensure that you remain competitive in the industry.

Investor Nitro PPC experts will find:

  • Which keywords cost you the most and produce the least results
  • Which ads have the weakest copy and underperform
  • How to improve quality score so you lower your cost per lead
  • Consistent updates to a strategy based on the current market climate


We know how to manage lead generating pay per click campaigns to get the best ROI.

As a real estate investor utilizing a PPC agency, your company could grow faster by gaining customer loyalty that would increase in value over a lifetime.

Customized CPC Strategy for Real Estate Investors

The PPC lead generation strategy to get your cash-buying service out there can involve many steps and years of professional experience. Strategies differ from each housing market and require constant optimization. Leveraging a company to handle the PPC management is a strategy for improving campaign results and freeing up your time for other aspects of your business. Coming up with proven strategies for leads and hitting the right target market is what these companies do best.

“My customer acquisition cost is too high!”

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is the cost of winning a customer to purchase your product. These customers have the potential to provide lifelong value.

The tricky part of CAC is its formula for each specific market. The real estate market differs from state to state, sometimes drastically. This is key to maximize your return on investment. How you deliver your message is the difference between a successful relationship with your customer or not.

When you’re looking for a solution and type words into Google to find answers, the chances are you click the result that seems highly relevant to what you were looking for. Advertising your product or service in a place where people are actively searching for it is very beneficial for lowering your customer acquisition cost.

Take a look into the world of real estate lead generation strategy and see for yourself how incredible your inbound marketing results can be when you partner with the specialists. Quit wasting your budget on underperforming ads and sub-par lead quality.

Leverage the right real estate investor PPC agency to make your money work for YOU.

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You work hard.

You deserve to have partners you can leverage to promote growth, save time, and increase leads.

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