Meet Our Team

We Make 3 Promises to Every Customer:

  • Obvious ROI
  • 100% Transparency
  • The Best Customer Service on the Planet

Todd Baldwin, Founder & CEO

Todd Baldwin

Founder & CEO

Ryan Nielsen, COO

Ryan Nielsen

Chief Operating Officer

Cindy Medelle, Accounting Manager

Cindy Medelle

Accounting Manager

Carrie Boyd, Director of Paid Search

Carrie Boyd

Director of Paid Search

Robert Krebsbach, Paid Media Manager

Robert Krebsbach

Paid Media Manager

Mahfuz Alam

Mahfuz Alam

SEO Director

Robert Dixon, Content Director

Robert Dixon

Content Director

Dianna Reeves, Director of Business Development

Dianna Reeves

Director of Business Development

Our Mission

We Empower Growth-Driven Clients To Achieve Their Online Marketing Goals

Our Origin Story

Our lead generation team received the opportunity to help We Buy Houses investors with lead generation in 2016. Since then, we’ve fine-tuned the digital marketing strategies that attract the type of leads specific to America’s real estate investors.

Investor Nitro was born after parent company Everyday Media Group found that real estate investors needed a solution for getting online fast. We wanted to provide a place we could focus on real estate investor's unique lead generation needs. Our team is ready to help entrepreneurs even more excited about motivated seller leads than we are!

Investor Nitro members can expect the same quality of service that Everyday Media Group embraces: Transparency, ROI, and Best Customer Service on the Planet.

The Investor Nitro Way

You can hone digital marketing skills yourself, test various ideas in lead generation campaigns, and probably see some results... but once your business takes off, the amount of time in a day may become your worst enemy. After running a campaign you designed yourself, you’ll always wonder “can I achieve a better cost per lead?” Partnering with Investor Nitro means not only saving yourself the time and effort of staying a cutting-edge digital marketer, it also means accessing the talented staff we’ve trained to find real estate investors quality leads with cost control expertise.

When our team sees that a campaign is working well for an Investor Nitro member in one area, we study how that success can be replicated for all of the members. We’ve found talented people that take pride in their skills, ranging from search engine optimization, to web design, to keyword research, to paid media optimization, and have focused on finding motivated sellers online every day since we first pitched our services to We Buy Houses in 2016.