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Benefits of Social Media Advertising

By 2021, more than 3 billion people are expected to be on social media. For a real estate investor, this means platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are going to be increasingly valuable places to find homeowners. Building a following from scratch can be done with a consistent post schedule, valuable content, and some patience… but social media platforms offer a powerful opportunity for advertising that can put your business offering in front of your local audience.

Whether the real estate investor ad campaign is aimed at directing homeowners to your website, or acquiring sign-ups straight from the platform itself, or increasing brand awareness with a list of leads in the pipeline, social media ads are the answer to get in front of homeowners in the area you are searching to buy properties.

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No robust marketing strategy is complete without paid advertising on social media. Digital lead generation, when correctly implemented, can increase the leads and ROI to your real estate investor business, and social media is one part of that strategy.

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Running ads on social media is a piece of cake, right?

Any real estate investor that has tried their hand at running social media ads may find themselves dealing with rejected ads, low-performing ads, and ads that result in an unjustifiable cost-per-lead.

Since Facebook’s changes to its advertising practices in August of 2019, finding motivated sellers through advertising has become more challenging. Ad practices changed to help prevent discrimination in ads that offer housing, employment, and credit opportunities, and for real estate investors, this meant ads could no longer target audiences based on highly effective advertising segments such as by age, gender, ZIP code, and more.

That’s where the Investor Nitro ad managers come in.Social Media Facebook Ads For Real Estate Investors

The hurdles presented have discouraged real estate investors from having confidence in paid social media campaigns. Contact the team at Investor Nitro for a review of a past ad campaign you have tried. Our experts will look at everything from the ad graphic, to the ad copy, to campaign parameters and find the areas of improvement needed to make your social media ad more successful at attracting leads.

Customized Real Estate Facebook Ads

While you scroll your social media feed, have you seen Zillow’s ads or other real estate investor’s ads show up? Social media ads provide the chance to find motivated sellers where they spend much of their free time, and your competitors know it.

While the leads collected on social media may not necessarily be actively looking to solve their real estate problems as with search engine users, the leads from platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can yield cost-controlled results that increase profits for your business.

Facebook Ad Restrictions

Any real estate investor looking to increase their monthly lead count should familiarize themselves with Facebook’s Special Ads Category requirements, which relate to how the real estate investor ad campaigns can be targeted. The new requirements for housing category ads limit traditional advertising methods that were available in the past. A talented social media ad manager can identify your target audience’s particular interests and help you get the best lead quality by
implementing the best practices for your campaign.

Whether you want to use the platform’s lead form or you want to drive traffic to your lead-converting website, Facebook ads can provide results fast. The Investor Nitro social media managers are here to help real estate investors tired of not seeing results in their current campaigns.

How Effective is Facebook Advertising?

If you’ve had a less-than-stellar experience with Facebook Ads results, it could be that your campaign was on the right path but did not flourish for several reasons:

  1. Unappealing graphic or copy
  2. Daily budget deficits
  3. Limited understanding of the audience’s driving force


In this real estate investor campaign example, the objective is aimed at lead generation to the business’ website. 1 lead meant a qualified homeowner filled out a long and detailed form on the website. One aspect that needed optimization was the daily budget. The geo for this campaign is a highly competitive market, and would likely have benefited from a higher budget for a month to test.


Facebook Ad Campaign Budget Cost Control Real Estate Investor Ads


Social media advertising success is all about testing. Each month the campaign runs, it gathers more data on the type of social media user that will yield the most results for your ad spend. In this ad campaign, the objective of collecting lead forms captured homeowners without them leaving the platform. This increased results and the campaign benefitted from a daily budget that could compete in the major metro the ad focused on.


Facebook Ads Real Estate Investor Social Media


Do you currently run your own real estate investor social media ads?

Investor Nitro invites you to request a free account audit for your social media campaign. Schedule a call with the Investor Nitro team today to learn more about how real estate investor social media ads could increase your marketing ROI.


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