Local SEO for Real Estate Investors is the Most Important Strategy

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Local SEO Services for Real Estate Investors

Where is your business located? In what cities do you buy houses? If these things are not clearly indicated online, then your business will never be visible in your target area.

You want motivated sellers in your service area to find your website before any others. You want sellers to be confident that you buy homes in their city and that you are a respectable real estate investor. The most important tool in making this all happen is local search engine optimization (SEO).

RISK-FREE SEO/Google Business Profile Pay Per Lead

At Investor Nitro, we specialize in providing local SEO for real estate investor websites. We understand all aspects of local SEO and the specific elements necessary to make a real estate investor’s website visible in their service area. We offer two payment options for our SEO packages – a traditional pay-per-month method and our new pay-per-lead option.

The power of SEO cannot be denied. If you want the top experts in REI marketing on your side, we’re the ones you want.

Be seen in the search results. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation regarding local SEO services for your business.

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What Does Local SEO Entail?

Local SEO is mostly about making sure that Google is confident about where your business is located and what cities you serve. Obviously, you want to inform people of your location, but that can’t happen unless you convince the search engines first. While local SEO consists of several elements, some of the most important include the following:

Google Business Profile

There’s no way to appear in the local map pack unless you have a Google Business Profile (GMB) that has been properly set up. A properly optimized GMB is also necessary for a variety of other local SEO purposes. While it’s possible to set up the GMB for your real estate investor business yourself, you can never be sure that it’s properly optimized unless it’s handled by a professional.

Review Management

Optimized listings and the use of certain software are other important elements of local SEO. These fall under the umbrella of review management. To learn more about our review management services for real estate investors, click here.

Keyword Implementation

No one will know what city your real estate investor business is located in unless it’s indicated on your website. It’s not enough just to have your address written on a contact page and the footer of your site. To truly instill confidence to the algorithm that you’re located in a certain city, you must incorporate the city name organically throughout the content on your page. The only way to ensure that this is done effectively is to have the content written by an exceptional content writer and optimized by an experienced SEO specialist.

City Pages

It’s hard to keep a real estate investor business thriving if you only buy houses in a single city. In all likelihood, you probably also operate in several cities around your base of operations. But which cities do you buy in? Do you work within a 10-mile radius? A 50-mile radius? Perhaps you’re willing to travel 40 miles west but only 5 miles east. Having properly optimized city pages is the only way to establish in which cities you operate besides the one you’re physically located in.

But there’s much more to a good city page than just the content written on it. There is a lot of technical knowledge necessary to get a city page functioning how it should. That’s why it’s good to have a team on your side that specializes in all aspects of web marketing, including technical SEO. That’s where Investor Nitro comes in.

SEO Organic Marketing


How can Local SEO Benefit My REI Business?

You can buy houses by finding motivated sellers or by letting them find you when they are ready. Chasing down motivated seller leads is a time-consuming and frustrating process that often doesn’t provide you with the best results for the time invested. However, with good local SEO, you can sit back and let people who live in your target areas find you. There are many ways to passively gather leads, but local SEO is perhaps the most vital for real estate investors. It allows you to start building your presence in a certain area and grow in a sustainable way. Your real estate investor business is very location-dependent, and in all likelihood, you have competitors.

Local SEO establishes that you are in a specific location and which surrounding cities you buy houses in. And when it’s done well, it can help you rise above your competitors in the area.

If you’re interested in having your site optimized for local search by the top experts in real estate investor marketing, contact Investor Nitro today. We can build you a customized strategy, implement it, monitor it, and make adjustments as necessary. Whatever you need to make sure that you can be found within your service area, we’re here to do it.

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