Keywords and Local Marketing: What To Aim For

Keywords and Local Marketing: What To Aim For

As a property investor, your persistent challenge is finding motivated sellers who are interested in selling you their homes for cash. It’s an endless cycle, and if you could find better ways to reach these sellers, your business would thrive.

What you might not realize is that with the right local marketing strategy, you can have these buyers searching for you. It all boils down to keyword research and implementation, and when you do it right, your web content can be the internet beacon that brings an endless line of sellers right to you.

What Do Keywords Do for Your Business?

Why should you even care about keywords? Well, they have a lot to offer your business.

According to the Search Engine Journal, people are very likely to visit a local business after conducting local-keyword searches. In fact, 76 percent of people visit a local store within a single day of conducting these searches. So, foot traffic into a store is a great benefit.

But, it doesn’t stop there. The same research found that 28 percent of all local searches convert into a purchase.

Now, as a property investor, these numbers don’t perfectly translate, but if you’re trying to find good properties to purchase for cash, then local keyword marketing can probably help you find more leads.

How Do You Find the Right Keywords?

Let’s start with that first idea. How do you find the right keywords? You do research. You can try Googling something related to your brand, like how to sell a home fast. When you go through the search results, you can see what Google recommends as related questions or searches, and that provides a ton of insight.

Google bases those recommendations on user interactions. So, those follow-up searches are built from raw search data of what people are really trying to find.

Check Competitors

You can get a lot more specific and targeted in your research too. You can look at other property investing sites and see what keywords they use. If you want to be thorough, you can get into data scraping those sites.

Regardless of the technique, you can view very successful property investment websites to see what keywords pop up. This will help you understand the real keywords that sellers are using to find property investors. From there, it’s just a matter of adding the right local elements to the keyword phrases.

Use Tools

There are also plenty of highly developed keyword research tools. Google Keyword Planner is probably the best known and most used among them all. It pairs well with something like Keywords Everywhere.

These are digital tools that help you research keywords for specific purposes. As a property investor, these tools will help you find the exact words people are using when they’re trying to find a fast or easy way to sell a house.

Only two tools are listed here, but if you look a little harder, you can find tons of additional resources. You don’t have to invent keyword research from scratch. There’s a whole industry devoted to this, and once you find your keywords, you’re halfway done.

How Do You Utilize Keywords?

The other half of the story involves putting your keywords into your content. Your content includes everything on your website, social media, and marketing outreach. Absolutely everything your business touches can count as content, and that’s where you want your keywords to be visible.

Keep in mind that keyword infusion is about more than just popping keywords into random places to help your Google searches. Instead, you want the keywords to guide your content creation. In this way, you will organically produce content that holds real value for people searching via your chosen keywords.

That’s why the conversion rate for local keyword marketing is so high. It’s not just that people are finding random websites that happen to hold a few keywords related to their searches. It’s that these people are finding useful content built around the topics they are trying to understand.

Work With the Pros

If your goal is to generate better leads that end in home purchases, then local keyword implementation can go a long way. It can help you find motivated buyers that push your business to greater heights.

And, you don’t have to do this alone. Professional help is available every step of the way. In fact, Investor Nitro was built from the ground up specifically to help property investors manage keywords and other aspects of digital marketing. Contact us today, and we’ll schedule a free consultation to get you started.

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