How Do Successful Real Estate Investors Spend Their Marketing Dollars?

How Do Successful Real Estate Investors Spend Their Marketing Dollars?

When you’re trying to get a real estate investing firm off the ground, you have to figure out the best ways to find good sellers, often called motivated sellers. To do this, you can research housing listings. You can network with realtors, go through county records, and make contacts with businesses in the area.

Eventually, due to your divided time between other aspects of your growing business, you are going to invest in an inbound marketing strategy. The sooner you do that, the sooner you will succeed with the other aspects of your business that need your attention. The problem is that there are countless marketing strategies out there and enough experts to back all of them. You may have even hired someone before that did not produce results. How do you make good choices?

The answer?

You look at successful real estate investors and see how they spend their marketing dollars. These are the five most common resources used by great real estate investors.

Invest In SEO Early

SEO is one of the most valuable resources for any marketing strategy, real estate investing included. In this market, its value stems from its ability to connect you with motivated sellers while presenting you as an authority.
When you show up at the top of a Google search, it’s compelling. Motivated sellers are likely to choose top search results over other investors. You can compare it to your own experience. Do you delve deep past the first page of Google results when you’re looking to buy something or make an important decision?
Real estate investor SEO is a solution that kills two birds with one stone. It generates valuable leads, and it helps with converting those leads into closed deals.

Don’t Ignore Review Generation

While SEO is a multi-pronged approach, review generation is specialized. It’s all about conversions. Even motivated sellers will do some diligence in finding a buyer. They want to work with an investor (or other buyers) who they can trust.

They’ll turn to reviews to build that trust. Surely, you have used reviews yourself at some point to help make a decision. When you did so, did you ever come across reviews that seemed fake? You can assume that property sellers are going through the same mental process.

Review generation is about generating genuine positive reviews. It builds your reputation and seller confidence. Most importantly, it does so organically so you don’t get fallout from less reliable methodologies.

Go Pro with PPC Ads

PPC (pay-per-click) ads empower you to cast the widest net possible for generating leads. The ads can be spread across so many parts of the internet to ensure that you’re reaching every potential buyer. And through the PPC model, your ads are primarily generating interest exclusively with motivated sellers.

It’s simple. People don’t interact with ads unless they are interested. For a property investor, only motivated sellers are going to find your PPC ads compelling. This is why the PPC model is so cost-effective… when handled by a specialist. You’re reaching millions of people, but you’re only paying for the ads that generate contact between you and the seller.

PPC advertising forms the core of traffic generation for most businesses in this industry. Motivated sellers often go to their favorite search engine to solve their problems, so this method of advertising will remain competitive.

Reach them with Facebook Ads

Social media advertising is invaluable for finding sellers. Facebook tends to lead the pack for this. How many people do you think are looking at properties on Twitter? 

Facebook is a superior medium for real estate, and it shows. This is why Facebook ads are some of the most valuable in your marketing. The tech giant’s resources are great at targeting the right people with your ads. The leads you get from this source tend to be highly motivated sellers, and your conversion rate on Facebook ads will be invaluable.


Mailers are a more traditional advertising route, and they have a few distinct advantages. The first is that you can target your mailers specifically to residential housing. Simply by choosing the right addresses, you eliminate apartments and many other ad recipients who absolutely won’t be selling property. A billboard or TV spot is going to be seen by a lot of people who can’t be part of your business. The same is true with PPC and Facebook ads (although they are priced accordingly).

Your mailers start out with this advantage. The mechanism by how they are delivered allows them to self-select the primary audience. Combine that with the fact that mailers tend to be some of the cheapest advertising around, and you get a powerful tool for targeting a local home-owning demographic that is ripe with prospects.

The best marketing strategy for you will be diversified. Your spending will be applied to multiple goals at the same time, and each of those goals is pursued through multiple avenues of communication. The likelihood of success increases through a balanced real estate investor lead generation strategy. With Investor Nitro, you can explore all of these marketing concepts as thoroughly as you like.

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