What’s the Best Real Estate Investor Marketing Plan for Online Motivated Seller Leads?

What’s the Best Real Estate Investor Marketing Plan for Online Motivated Seller Leads?

Real estate investing has proven itself to be one of the most reliable ways to build wealth. So what is the best marketing plan for real estate investors out there that want to go full-time and create a business? When you enter real estate investing as a full-time profession, you can regularly make savvy investments with healthy profit margins. That consistently generated revenue can be easily dedicated to a well-rounded marketing plan. This business is a great way to make a living, but getting started comes with many challenges.

One of your biggest challenges will be breaking into the market in the first place. If you aren’t generating leads on a consistent basis, you’ll have no chance to buy properties at incredible prices. Your primary target for your audience should be motivated sellers. These are people who are in a hurry to sell their house. They might be facing foreclosure, a sudden move, costly repairs, or a number of other motivating circumstances. 

In order to generate motivated seller leads, you need a strong marketing plan. Unfortunately, there is no one-plan-fits-all answer out there (and anyone telling you so is probably over-promising)! Marketing plans depend on your geographic area and the behavior of homeowners before they consider a cash offer solution. These six pillars will be the foundation of your digital marketing strategy.

1. Real Estate Investor SEO Optimization is Key in Any Marketing Plan

Online marketing planning starts with your website. Making it professional and efficient is important, but the real key lies in making it visible. Search engine optimization (SEO) is what will make your website appear at the top of searches.

When people search for ways to sell a house (which indicates that they are motivated to sell), you want to be the first thing they see.

2. Work on Your Blog

Regular blog updates are important in a real estate investor’s marketing plan for two reasons. First, they contribute massively to your SEO strategy. The blog is what allows you to pursue whichever keywords you deem valuable. You can pair your blog strategy with your keyword research to ensure that you are capturing the interest of real internet searches.

The second value of your blog is its ability to represent you as an authority. You want to be the trusted buyer in this equation. Your blog empowers you to build that trust by providing good information to its readers. An SEO strategy will get sellers to your website, and your blog will convince them to do business with you.

3. Optimize Google My Business

Google and Google My Business offer many resources to businesses of every size, but in this case, one resource matters the most for you as a real estate investor. You want to be visible on Google Maps. 

Motivated sellers will sometimes be in a hurry to sell their house, but it’s not a process that can be done entirely online. They need to be able to interact with you in person, and this helps them find you.

On top of that, having a local office that appears on Google Maps adds to your legitimacy in the eyes of many sellers.

Real estate investor marketing plan - google my business

4. Get Positive Reviews

The components of your strategy discussed so far will help you attract motivated sellers. Your positive reviews will turn online contacts into quality leads. Any real estate marketing plan that does not currently utilize the power of this word-of-mouth marketing trick is missing out on undecided leads.

It’s pretty simple. A person won’t trust a random website, even if it’s an excellent website with great information in its blog. For a motivated seller to seriously think about selling to you, they’re going to want to know how you do business.

Your online reviews need to be plentiful and positive. They also need to be organic. The average consumer is remarkably savvy at identifying fake reviews. You want organic positive review generation. This is one of the most valuable investments you can make in regard to your website.

5. Don’t Forget Social Media in Your Marketing Plan

You absolutely have to have a social media presence. This might surprise you, but Facebook is one of the best places to find motivated sellers. Sellers often use Facebook (and other social media platforms) to expand their networks and try to find buyers. The infrastructure is already there to connect the two of you.

Organic outreach is important, but Facebook has paid services that can multiply your efforts fairly easily. With a social media marketing expert, you can optimize your Facebook investments and navigate their specific sets of rules and regulations.

6. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

The most powerful advertising method in the world right now is PPC. A PPC campaign can expose you to countless consumers in short order. Despite the massive outreach, PPC campaigns managed by a specialist can to be affordable and extremely cost-controlled.

It’s all in the strategy. A million people might see your ads, but you only have to pay for each click. This filters your ad spending to target motivated sellers. Who else is going to be clicking on the ads? It’s a smart system, and it will increase your outreach to motivated sellers more than any other part of your strategy.

You can find professional services to help you with all six of these marketing plan pillars.

Investor Nitro specializes in digital marketing and helps real estate investors in countless locations. Contact us to get started generating your motivated seller leads.

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